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Photo by Linnell Chang

The breeze swirls around the daffodils and makes them nod their heads in unison. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” they seem to say with their up and down movement. For a moment I wonder, if the breeze had come from a different direction, would they have said, “No! No! No!” instead? But then I smile and say to myself, “Silly woman. Have you ever seen a daffodil with a negative attitude?” Nope. Never.

#1 – Garden Tips
Here are two gardening tips I used last weekend while planting flowers and vegetables. They’re not earth-shattering (pun intended), but they make life easier and reuse things that normally go to waste.

The Scoop:
Digging deep into bags of soil with my hand trowel only seemed to bring up small scoops of dirt at a time. Thinking there had to be a better way, I went into the kitchen and brought out a large, empty, plastic container that once held imitation whipped cream. It scooped up substantial amounts of soil well, but it was awkward to hold within the confines of the bag. What I needed was something more like a scoop, something that I could grip better. I had another idea. I went back into the kitchen, grabbed a pair of kitchen shears, and I cut a 3/4-inch wide slit halfway down the side of the plastic tub. It worked perfectly! Now my thumb sticks insides while my remaining fingers support the outside. I have better leverage and control while scooping. Because I wear thick gardening gloves, I’m not worried about cutting my hand on the plastic edges of the tub. DIY garden scoop

Coffee Filters:
Container planting can be messy. As you are pouring dirt into the container, some of it comes out through the bottom hole. I use paper coffee filters to cover the holes in my planters before I add soil. They let water through, but not dirt. Even better, you can place used coffee filters on the bottom of your planters – your acid-loving plants will be most appreciative! using coffee filters in the garden

#2 – Toy Stories
For his collection of photographs titled Toy Stories, photographer Gabriele Galimberti photographed children from around the world with their toys. Galimberti says his project revealed that, “The richest children were more possessive. At the beginning, they wouldn’t want me to touch their toys, and I would need more time before they would let me play with them.” As for poor children, he says, “In poor countries, it was much easier. Even if they only had two or three toys, they didn’t really care. In Africa, the kids would mostly play with their friends outside.” More importantly, Galimberti says, “Doing this, I learnt more about the parents than I did about the kids.” By studying these photos, you’ll recognize how family values affect children’s playtime.

#3 – Something Good
Something good happens when you share your heart with another – in this case, a cute rescue dog! Watch this two-minute video that is “dedicated to all rescues” and encourages the adoption of pets. Even if you don’t love dogs, you’ll love the feel-good spirit of it!

#4 – Art Lessons
This week I told a friend that I’d love to paint, but that my creative bent did not bend in that direction. All my previous attempts to paint have been disasters. She reminded me that there is no right or wrong in art and that I’ve judged myself too harshly. So with renewed spirit and brush in hand, I will try again. Before I start, I’m going to watch painting videos for additional inspiration and motivation. The internet is a wonderful source for “how-to” videos. Here’s a link to 100 Awesome Art Lessons on YouTube that will help the artist in you get going!

#5 – The Gift
“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
Pablo Picasso

Have a lovely weekend!

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