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What’s a birthday celebration without games and prizes? To celebrate the first birthday of What About This? I’m holding another challenging, but fun, mystery photo contest! It’s simple – just identify the subject matter in the photo above, before anyone else does, and you win!

Is the prize a trip to Paris or a million dollars? Hardly, but I can guarantee you that you’ll never come across a prize such as this in any other contest! The lucky winner will receive a set of fabulous, one-of-a-kind note cards made by moi! I will be spending many, many hours creating these note cards, so that the winner receives a wonderful collection! Some of the cards will be crafted in the detailed and time-consuming mosaic-style (see Teacup, Slice of Cake, and Bridal Shower) in which I recycle photos, calendars, magazines, and scraps of pretty paper. Some of my very favorite blog photographs will grace the fronts of other note cards. In the right hand column headed Categories, click on the entry entitled “Handcrafted Cards” and you can view more examples of my work. There are very few people in this world who have received my special cards! Note that there may always be variations on a theme, but no two cards are ever the same. This set of creative note cards will include envelopes, a selection of printed sentiments for you to choose from and adhere to the inside of your cards, and adhesive.

Before the guessing begins, please keep in mind that I only use a point and shoot digital camera for all of my blog photos and that I did not travel out of the galaxy to take this particular photo.

Here are the rules:
1. Send your best guess of the photograph’s subject matter via email to me.
2. To keep it fair, only three guesses per email address, please.
3. The contest will run for two weeks from today, so get your guesses in quickly!
4. In case of a tie, the time each email is received will determine the winner.
3. So that I can mail the winner this fabulous prize, he/she will have to provide me with a full name and mailing address.

Good Luck! Be on the look out for notification of your win in a future post!

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