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Yesterday morning while washing my breakfast dishes, I looked out my kitchen window and saw, just yards away from me, the most beautiful hummingbird. I ran and grabbed my camera and with one arm propped on a compost bin and the other on the sink faucet, I waited for more hummingbirds to come. Because they are quick and skittish, they are tricky to photograph – but good things come to those who are patient!

#1 – Modern Day Etch A Sketch?
If you enjoyed playing with your Etch A Sketch when you were young, you will love this site. As a kid I was a horrible at Etch A Sketching, but this morning I had to pull myself away from creating more colorful designs. This site presents you with a blank page that has circles gliding around it. Drag the circles to see what colors and patterns appear. There are 20 “tools” at the bottom of the page for your creative enjoyment! Take a study or coffee break and create a masterpiece!

#2 – Sound Memory Game
Tune up your auditory processing today! At the same site as above, there is a link to a sound memory game. Click on a square and listen to the song and then click on another square to see if you’ve found the musical match to that song.

#3 – Check Out These Rocks!
No, they are not diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, but some equally amazing rock formations. An article in Mental Floss features a short photo essay on some incredible natural stone formations around the world and the folklore that surrounds them.

#4 –¬†Adjust Your Mood with Food
According to an article in Woman’s Day there are 7 Foods That Boost Every Type of Bad Mood. Who knew that if you feel sluggish you should eat a spinach salad or if you are cranky, you should eat an apple with peanut butter? Does that mean that if you are stressed, sluggish, cranky, anxious, angry, and sad because you have PMS, you have to eat all the foods listed?

#5 – Hope
Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops . . . at all.  ~Emily Dickinson

Have a great weekend!

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