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Full Moon Rising - Manarola, Italy - Adam Chang 2007

Day or night? Which time of day do you prefer? There are some (not just vampires and werewolves!) that feel a sense of renewal during the evening. Maybe it’s the peaceful quiet that envelops them as the day’s rhythm shifts and settles down or maybe it’s the sight of the calming moon replacing the fiery sun that soothes their souls. Where I live, evenings are the best part of the day during the summer; pleasant, often-breezy nights replace high-temperature days to create perfect scenarios for outdoor activities. Years ago, before the trees grew tall and before the ambient light from surrounding homes and local businesses grew bright, stargazing was a favorite summertime activity for my family. With blankets to lie on, we would settle down on the steep slope of our driveway and enjoy the spectacular stadium-like view of the dark night sky. Although our neighbors must have thought we were crazy, there was magic in just being together and identifying summer constellations and wishing on shooting stars. I wonder how many of those wishes have come true?

#1 – Starry Night
Ever wonder what prompted Van Gogh to paint his famous Starry Night masterpiece? Here’s an artist’s concept of what Van Gogh’s inspiration may have looked like. Compare the two by clicking on their links. Which “starry night” do you like better?

#2 – How to Save Time
Do you want to save time during the day, so that you have more free time in the evening? Start by being more efficient at everything you do. A video titled How to Do Ordinary Things Quickly shows creative time-saving tips. The clothes-folding segments are fascinating, but I don’t recommend trying to park a car as shown!

#3 – Life Lessons
I’ve linked to Marc and Angel Hack Life before, but here’s another one of their lists that made me stop and think. It’s called 111 Lessons Life Taught Us and it centers around  “. . .  all the things you would love to tell yourself if you could travel back in time to give your younger self some advice about life.” If you could, what advice would you give to your younger self? The list is comprised of submissions from a sister site Everyday Life Lessons. Here are a few examples:

You are capable of loving and of being loved. You deserve nothing less. You are not perfect. There may be parts of you that you would change if you could, but accept that some things cannot be changed. This acceptance isn’t easy, but it makes you a stronger person. Try your best not to dwell on your imperfections. Instead, try to see them as just part of a beautiful whole. The same things that make you different make you beautiful.

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

There is a difference between giving up and letting go. Giving up is sacrificing what was rightfully yours, letting go is forgetting what was never yours. We can’t gain if we can’t let go. There’s no love without tears, there’s no happiness without sacrifice, and there’s no forever without goodbye. It’s not giving up, it’s more like . . . letting go.

Complaining is like slapping yourself for slapping yourself. It doesn’t solve the problem, it just hurts you more.

There will be two dates on your tombstone. Everyone is going to be looking at them, but all that’s going to matter is that little dash in between them.

#4 – Somewhere Over the Moonbow
If you’re out for an evening stroll and the conditions are just right, look to the part of the sky opposite the moon, and maybe you’ll see a moonbow. A moonbow or lunar rainbow is a phenomenon that occurs when light is reflected off the surface of the moon. According to Wikipedia, Moonbows are most easily viewed when the moon is near to full (when it is brightest). For true moonbows, other than those produced by waterfalls or sprays, the moon must be low in the sky (less than 42 degrees and preferably lower) and the sky must be dark. And of course there must be rain falling opposite the moon. This combination of requirements makes moonbows much more rare than rainbows produced by the sun. Camping.com claims that “The two most famous viewing spots in the U.S. are at Cumberland Falls, near Williamsburg, Kentucky and Waimea, Hawaii. In both places, sign up for a guided hike to see the moon bow.” Add this to your list of things to see during your lifetime!

#5 – Dream By Day
“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.”
Edgar Allan Poe

May you find ways to renew your soul this weekend!

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