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Does the image above have a cartoon-painting-like quality to you? It did to me when I snapped a photo of glass flowers in a nursery. With the bright sun hitting them at just the right angle, they looked like a piece of art through my viewfinder. That is the joy of photography – seeing masterpieces in everyday life and capturing them!

#1 – Inspiration from J.K. Rowling
I came across the text of J.K.Rowling’s commencement speech that she gave to Harvard’s graduating class of 2008. Although, it may seem untimely for me to post this now – since most of us have just sent our kids off to school – her thoughts about failure and imagination are worth reading anytime of the year.

#2 – Hotel Sundries
To take or leave, that is the question. I read some controversy over whether it’s okay to take the unopened “complimentary” sundries from hotel rooms when you leave. Of course, I’m speaking about the travel-sized bottles of shampoo, lotions, soaps, etc. and not the rolls of toilet paper and towels! By taking them are we driving up the costs of hotel stays for everyone? Do maids have to spend time inspecting these products after each guest leaves to check for tampering? Don’t laugh – imagine if someone put Nair into your shampoo bottle! If so, by leaving them, are we adding to hotel waste if these consumable goods are disposed of after each guest?  I don’t know what the politically correct and environmentally correct answers are, but here are a few thoughts:

Reuse: If you use hotel sundries and have half-used bottles of lotion and shampoo and partially used bars of soap leftover, take them home so they are not wasted. In addition, used hotel shower caps make great shoe covers for travel! No more worries about your shoes soiling your garments when they are packed together! Flannel mitts used for polishing shoes can be washed once home and make good jewelry storage pouches.

Donate: If you collect these travel-sized sundries, donate them to various charities. Do a Google search to find out which charities or shelters are in need of these types of donations. I read that some local fire departments collect these items to make kits to pass out to those in need.

Refuse to Use: Don’t use any hotel sundries and pack your own sundries in small refillable containers.

#3 – One Meal’s Damage
The most recent edition of Nutrition Action Health Letter points out an ABC news segment that shows the damage one unhealthy meal can cause to our bodies. After having blood work and other diagnostic tests done on their blood vessels, a reporter and her producer sat down and ate a meal consisting of deep-fried macaroni and cheese from the Cheesecake Factory, a bacon cheeseburger wrapped in a quesadilla from Applebee’s, and a giant cookie covered with ice cream from Uno Chicago Grill. This meal provided each of them with a whopping 6,190 calories and 187 grams of saturated fat! To see the results of their posttest and find out what immediate damage was caused, watch the 2-1/2 minute video by clicking here.

#4 – Makes Me Think
This site collects thought-provoking entries about life. Some will make you smile and some will make you sad, but either way they will make you think.

#5 – Happiness
“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” Unknown

Have a happy weekend!

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