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Waiting in a doctor’s office for a yearly examination can give rise to poetic prowess! Here’s a poem I wrote today while waiting:

Ode to Growing Old

by Linnell Chang


I’m growing so old from my head to my toes,

No part is immune, that’s just how life goes.


I look in the mirror and see same old me,

Though most of my body’s changed ‘bove the knee.


A sleek stylish haircut provides youthful flair,

But, Sharpie pens need to touch up white hair.


My face has no pimples of an eighteen-year-old,

but my age is revealed through wrinkles and folds.


The light of my soul shines bright through my eyes,

But my sight’s changed, fonts need to resize.


A double chin makes a great safety hold,

For keeping those scarves under control.


My upper arms have a life of their own,

Reps of tricep curls . . . I wish I had known.


The darts on my dress are lower than before,

 ‘Cause “the girls” on my chest are nearer the floor.


The abdominal work at the gym that I go,

Does not make a difference to the belly I show.


Smooth shapely thighs are a thing of my past,

Discover a cure for cellulite – fast!


Can’t turn back the clock, even if I chose,

That’s my growing-old story, so I’ll close.


Despite moaning and groaning, I’ve come to learn,

That growing old is a gift, something one earns.


By living and loving, without any restraint,

I’m so glad I’m alive and that’s no complaint!

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