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Life is meant to be shared. This phrase sounds clichéd, but what would life be like if we could not share our highs and lows with others? “Sharing and encouraging joy in life” is the tagline for What About This? and is the intent behind every post written. Sharing ideas and thoughts that are helpful, inspiring, creative, entertaining, and sometimes thought-provoking has always been the goal of this blog. All of this sharing comes from a middle child, who always carefully guarded her possessions (that’s another story), but who now knows that life wouldn’t have meaning if she didn’t share.

#1 – All For Good
Looking for volunteer opportunities? Check out opportunities at All for Good by clicking on “search opportunities,” specifying what type of volunteer work you’d like to do (animals, seniors, hunger, etc.) and then typing in your location. A list of opportunities will come up within the region specified. According to it’s site, “All for Good’s mission is to facilitate volunteerism and community service. To meet that goal, we have developed a custom volunteer opportunity oriented search engine that is powered by the largest database of volunteer opportunities on the Internet.”

I’ve added All for Good to my Google home page, so I can see what volunteer opportunities are available to me on a daily basis.

#2 – Which Is Worse?
Fast food is not known for being healthy, but some fast food menu items are worse than others. Go through the short “Battle of the Fast Food Breakfasts” slide show to see how well you can recognize unhealthy food!

#3 – Reuse It!
Tired of throwing away lipstick tubes that still have lipstick in the bottom portion? Do you use a lip brush to get out every last bit? Have you found your perfect color is actually a combination of two lipsticks? My neighbor introduced me to a product called LipStix ReMix that conveniently solves these issues. By scraping out the bottom of two “used up” tubes and “cannibalizing” a partial tube of a “too bright” color, I created a whole new tube of lipstick using the kit. Not only did I save money by using lipstick that would normally be thrown away, I also created a fabulous new color by blending two shades. Plus, I even reused one of the original plastic cases to hold my newly created lipstick!

#4 – Conceptual Photographs
Unlike pretty photographs, conceptual photographs make you lean in for a closer look and, more often than not, make you think. Check out this collection called 30 Amazing Conceptual Photographs.

#5  – Joy Is An Inside Job
“We’ve put happiness outside of ourselves; we’ve put it into our job, into our bank account, our relationships. You’ve become so preoccupied with the search for happiness that you’ve actually forgotten that you’re already happy. Searching mode makes happiness external: It’s an outward-directed activity. Following your joy is an internal one.”
Robert Holden

Find and spread joy this weekend!

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