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Standing in front of the card rack, I search for the perfect Father’s Day card for my dad. One after another, I pick them up, read them, and put them back. None will do – too schmaltzy, too formal, or too silly. Why must cards rhyme? My expectations are too high. How can a card, a mere piece of paper, possibly convey all that my my dad means to me? He’s taught me many things, like how to: ride a bike, pick out the best produce and meat in a grocery store, cook, buy a car, select wines, and manage money. More importantly, by example, he’s taught me how to treat people with respect, how to be a responsible citizen, and how to age gracefully. But most of all, he’s taught me how to love. Thanks for all the lessons, Dad. I love you with all my heart!

#1 – Searching For the Right Words
Opa, pater, and padre are just some of the names that children from around the world call their fathers. In this Father’s Day Word Search, find 13 names for “Dad” either horizontally, vertically or diagonally in the puzzle. Oh, and did I mentioned that you’re being timed?

#2 – He Did, He Did Knot
The ache in my hip reminds me of slipping on black ice and tying a necktie. Tying a tie is one of the those things my dad never taught me. Back in the day, females had little use for that sort of knowledge. But I could have used it one morning several decades ago. My husband had left for work before tying my son’s tie – something he needed to wear for a school program. I quickly rushed my son over to a neighbor’s house for help. In my haste, I didn’t see the black ice that my husband made earlier in the morning when hosing off his windshield. I slipped and fell and have forever associated my aching hip with tying ties. Avoid my fate and learn how to tie a necktie by following the illustrations in Things My Father Didn’t Teach Me.

#3 – A Father’s Love
Many examples of a mother’s love can be found, but here’s a video from the ’92 Barcelona Olympics that gives testament to a father’s love and devotion.

#4 – The Gift
What am I giving to my husband for Father’s Day? Well, I have a gift that keeps on giving. Many posts ago, I wrote about my daughter being born on Father’s Day and how I will never be able to give my husband anything better than his only daughter, who looks a lot like him. That doesn’t mean I don’t treat him like the superman that he is on his day. If you want a man in your life to know he’s special, check out this list of 67 Ways to Make Him Feel Super Respected.

#5 – The Best Role Model
He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
~Clarence Budington Kelland

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! Enjoy your weekend!

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