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Unwrapping a tied-dyed egg is a little like opening a present – you don’t know what you’re going to get! This fun technique for dyeing eggs uses men’s silk ties as the color source, so these eggs are truly TIE-dyed! If the men in your life will not relinquish any of their ties for this project, just purchase some at your nearest thrift store. I found this technique on Mommy Knows and thought – of course a clever mom would know about this no-mess technique for dyeing Easter eggs! This is a great project for all ages!

100% silk ties
String or dental floss

1. Collect old ties and with a pair of scissors, cut open the back seams of the ties.

2. Cut out the triangular pieces of decorative lining and discard.

3. Cut out the white lining and save.

4. Cut out a piece of fabric large enough to wrap around the egg, wet it, wrap it around the egg, and gather it at the top. Tie top with string.

5. To keep fabric in close contact with the egg shell, wrap string all around the egg.

6. Cut a piece of the white lining fabric and wrap the egg in it and then tie it with string.

7. Put the eggs in a pot of cold water and 1/4 cup vinegar and then cook for 20 minutes.

8. After eggs cool, enjoy unwrapping your creations!

Linnell’s Notes:
1. A good looking tie does not necessarily translate to a good looking egg and, likewise, an ugly tie does not make an ugly egg.
2. I found that the less traditionally-patterned Jerry Garcia ties are great for this project.
3. Pale-colored ties did not turn out as well.
4. I cooked the pale-colored fabrics in a separate pot from the strong-colored fabrics, so the color would not transfer.
5. I didn’t have time to experiment, but the original instructions suggested wrapping strips of fabric around the eggs to create different effects.

Happy Easter!!

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