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Night Driving Photo

The Big Y - Nightime Art If necessity is the mother of invention, then boredom is the second cousin of creativity. On a long drive home one night with my husband, I sat bored watching the dark scenery whiz by. But during one stretch of the highway, bright lights caught my attention. Taking out my camera, I started taking photos of interesting arrangements of lights. I worked quickly to capture image after image; there wasn’t even time to stop to adjust my camera’s settings. When I finally returned home and downloaded the camera’s memory card onto my computer, crazy and colorful images appeared. After fiddling with saturation and contrast levels, I found the results of my spontaneous creative burst to be unusual pieces of art. I can’t wait until my next late night car ride!

#1 – Urban Art
Urban and Street Art Art comes in many forms. Street art and urban art offer both whimsical and interesting perspectives of the world. Check out these creative examples of Cool Street Art & Inventive Urban Art.

#2 – Re-purposing On a Large Scale
Hotel Im Wassertum Who says only small items can be re-purposed? The Top 15 Converted Hotels photo series shows examples of large scale re-purposing. Wouldn’t it be fun to stay overnight in a medieval fortress or a bullring?

#3 – Use 3 Coupons, Provide a Meal
Coupons for Change If you’re a coupon clipper, you might want to check out the site Coupons For Change. This organization offers online coupons that can be printed and redeemed at stores. For every three coupons used, the site donates a meal through its partnership with Feeding America. Coupons for Change’s “current initiative is to fight domestic childhood hunger” and its website shows that at this very moment “1,365,710 meals” have been provided.

#4 – Add Calm To Your Life
Busy moments in life need to be counterbalanced by calm moments. If you’re looking for ways to calm down and to release stress, visit a site called Calm. Everyday, various calming images, such as waves on the water or sunlight streaming through clouds, appear on your computer screen and soothing music plays in the background. You have the option to choose between guided calm or self-guided calm and you can select the amount of time for your session.

#5 – Live Life Creatively
“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.”
Alan Alda

Create a fun weekend for yourselves!

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Seeing red? The month of February brings this powerful color to the forefront. The Chinese Year of the Rabbit hopped in this week bringing with it an abundance of red. Red is a color of happiness and prosperity in China and is used to attract good luck. Red firecrackers and red lucky envelopes abound. But February also takes a romantic turn as we think of cupids and love. Valentine’s Day is just ten days away and soon we’ll be deluged with red hearts, cupids and candies! And speaking of red hearts . . .

#1 – Wear Something Red Today!
Today is the Go Red for Women “Wear Red” Day. Go Red is the American Heart Association’s campaign that “celebrates the energy, passion, and power we have as women to band together to wipe out heart disease and stroke.” Heart disease is the number one killer of women. To learn more about the warning signs of heart attack, stroke and cardiac arrest click here.

Wear something red today – a red scarf, a red flower, a red pair of shoes,  a red whatever – to proudly show your support for women’s heart disease awareness!

#2 – Carrying Aspirin?
For Christmas my sister gave me a pill tote that attaches to a key chain. The intention is to have aspirin readily available in case of a heart attack. The card that accompanied it states, “Chewing at least two (81mg) baby aspirin or one regular-strength (325 mg) aspirin at the first sign of a suspected heart attack can help save your life.” To verify the validity of the statement and the dose, please consult your doctor.

If you are interested in purchasing a pill tote similar to mine, here is a link. Quantities are limited.

#3 – Street Art
The website Street Art Utopia states “We declare the world as our canvas” and has just posted the 20 Most Loved Street Art Photos. Creative and interesting stuff!

#4 – 360 Virtual Reality Panoramas
Have you ever wondered what the view is like from the top of Mt. Everest? Thanks to some of the best 360 virtual reality panoramic photographers in the world, you can enjoy this view and others, too! At panoramas.dk you can see the breathtaking panoramic view at the summit of Mt. Everest, as well as, many other locations and events such as New Years in Times Squares, Carnival in Rio, or paragliding over France. I highly recommend watching it in fullscreen mode and if you’re prone to motion sickness, take a Dramamine first!

#5 – How Big is Your World?
A person’s world is only as big as their heart.
Tanya A. Moore

Share your world with someone this weekend!

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