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Bright, eye-catching circles of color made a pleasing display on my family room floor. The circles were really ceramic plates that I laid out to photograph for a color reference chart. Reminding me of a giant keypad, I resisted the urge to push these buttons!

#1 -When Someone Pushes Your Buttons
It happens. Someone pushes your buttons orĀ gets your goat and now you’re annoyed and bent out of shape. Here’s an article that offers six ways to cope when that happens. Negative events often afford us the best opportunities to glimpse into ourselves and learn some life lessons.

#2 – Things You Should Never Share
Pushing buttons with your fingertips and then touching your face is a good way to spread germs. Sharing personal items is another way. Dr. Oz has some obvious and some surprising recommendations about items that should not be shared. For example, did you know that “keyboards have as many germs as your toilet”? Ewww. . . !

#3 – Kaleidoscope
Play with shapes, colors, lines and angles when you create your own computer kaleidoscope on this site. Oh, how I love creative distractions!

#4 – To Attach or Link?
Occasionally, I’ll see something on the internet that I want to share with someone and instead of sending the person a link to that site, I’ll convert it into a PDF first and then send it as an attachment, which can be saved, printed and replicated regardless if the website changes. Here’s a site that converts webpages into PDF documents. Just fill in the URL and click “convert.” It’s as easy as that, plus it’s free!

#5 – The Upside of Things
Now, when anything ‘bad’ happens, I remember that everything that ever happens to me has within it the seeds of something better. I look for the upside rather than the downside. I ask myself, ‘Where’s the greater benefit in this event?’
Jack Canfield

Have a wonderful weekend!

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