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“I have fifteen friends now!” I shout to my husband and then laughingly add, “You only have four!” Prodded by friends, my husband and I joined the spectator sport of Facebook. I opened an account a few weeks ago and in doing so I found I am Facebook-challenged. I am reluctant to put out personal information on my profile page, but my son tells me, “How are people going to find you, if you don’t tell them who you are?” That is challenge number one for me. Do I want to be found? Am I lost? Do I want aspects of my quiet life open for world viewing?

Challenge number two: The whole idea of adding or removing friends makes me feel like I’m in elementary school again. Who do I ask to be my friends? Are my feelings going to be hurt if someone doesn’t want to be my friend? Is it about having the most friends and being popular?

Challenge number three: Do I really want to know about the crazy things my kids are doing? Not really. For that matter, they don’t want me to know what they are up to, either! Begrudgingly they all accepted me as their Facebook friend. Do I like being a snoop? Maybe just a little!

Challenge number four: Facebook seems like an alter world to me. It’s like a maze with many different pathways, and often times I can’t figure out how I even got to a site. Then there are the cafes, farms, aquariums, roller coasters, tokens, Halloween treats, hearts, and hugs – all of which I’ve not figured out, yet. My kids get calls from me with questions like, “I got a heart today, should I accept it?” or “Somehow dad accidentally set up two Facebook accounts and now he has two walls, but he can only see one wall and people are writing on the other wall . . . !” What have I gotten myself into?

Facebook is like joining a worldwide playground. I still have a lot to learn about its offerings, but in the meantime, I enjoy reading the comments and viewing the photos that my friends and family share. I’ve found delight in establishing contact with friends from long ago. And one of these days, I may even play the World Cafe game, because the food sounds so good and it’s low in calories!

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Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for the positive feedback! If you like my blog you can subscribe to it by clicking on either “Posts” or “Comments” at the top right hand corner of my blog. A page will appear and there will be a section at the top asking you to subscribe to this feed using Google, My Yahoo, Bloglines, or Bookmarks. Select one of the programs and click on the subscribe button. I find Google or Yahoo both work well. New posts to my blog will show up on your Yahoo or Google home page automatically.

Something new to my blog every week will be my Friday’s Random Five post. Every Friday I am going to post five short random thoughts or ideas. David Letterman has his Top Ten List and Jay Leno has his Ten at Ten, so I figured I could do at least half of what they do! Hope this first installment of Friday’s Random Five gives you some food for thought.

#1 A Nice Thought:
Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. -Thich Nhat Hanh-

#2 A Recycling Idea:
Straight from a Hints from Heloise column – recycle your empty tissue boxes by using them as trash containers in your cars. The cube size would be great if used in this capacity.

#3 An Idea from the Kitchen:
Peeling fresh ginger root is a breeze if you use the edge of a spoon and scrape the thin skin away. It’s the easiest way I’ve found to do it.

#4 A Fashion Tip:
This tip is for petite gals. Even though the oversized boyfriend look is really in vogue right now, keeping clothing proportions correct is essential for petites. Be careful not to wear your tops too long. Petites tops should not extend below the crotch. Remember this: The longer the top, the shorter the legs appear.

#5 A Kind Deed:
Take a bouquet of flowers over to a senior citizen’s care center and ask that it be given to a resident that needs some cheer.

That’s this week’s Friday’s Random Five. Have a great weekend!

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