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Yesterday, while taking photos of birds in my backyard, a blue belly lizard struck a regal pose on a nearby rock as if to say, “Hey, don’t forget about me! Aren’t I a grand specimen?” Waiting until the light was just right and presenting me with his best side, he allowed me a couple of quick shots before he skittered away into the bushes. The beautiful colors of nature are often seen in small and unexpected things.

#1 – The Colors of Kool Aid
Apparently Choo Choo Cherry Kool Aid is good for more than just drinking. Check out these sites that use Kool Aid to dye things other than your tongue.

Basic How-To
Tie Dye

#2 – Consumer Search
I came across this site called Consumer Search: Love What You Buy. It is run by About.com which is part of the New York Times Company. Supposedly Consumer Search collects reviews of items, analyzes the items, and then makes its recommendations. Since one of my children recently purchased appliances for his home, I compared his research against Consumer Search’s and was pleased with the results.

#3 – Packing Tips
Having just spent the last couple of days helping another one of my children move again, I thought it would be a good time to share these helpful packing tips from United Van Lines.

#4 – Get the Point!
Dalton Ghetti is an artist, but the medium he uses is an unusual one. A pencil. Except he does not draw with it like other artists – he carves the pencil tips! Read this article about him in the New York Times and view some of his amazing pieces of art.

#5 – Enjoy the Little Things
Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
~Robert Brault

Try to enjoy every little thing that comes your way this weekend!

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