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White Mum by Linnell Chang One thing always leads to another: While putting a colorful Mother’s Day bouquet in a vase of water, I decided I should snap some photos of the flowers before they passed their prime. The following morning, I got out my camera and looked at the flowers from different angles. As my camera lens zoomed closer and closer to the delicate chrysanthemum petals, I became intrigued with their spoon-shaped curves and concentric rows. Soon I found myself “Googling” chrysanthemums on my computer. I learned from Symbolic-Meanings that Dreaming of chrysanthemums indicates an unfolding of the inner self, during a tumultuous time of life. More specifically, it may represent a time of deep personal growth forged by hardship or conflict. The result leading to a stronger, more realized self. At another site, I found out that John Steinbeck wrote a short story in the 1930s titled The Chrysanthemums. After reading the story, I sought more information about Steinbeck’s use of symbolism and how they relate to the development of his characters. As the morning passed, and as one discovery lead to another, all I could think of was how the beautiful bouquet of flowers was a gift that kept on giving.

#1 – Humanity

Act of Kindness

A man giving his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro

Reading the newspaper or watching the news every day can be a depressing experience when story after story highlights crimes against humanity. View this series of 35 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity and remember that acts of kindness can set a chain of positive events in motion.

#2 – A Two Minute Respite
Need to relax, unwind, take a break, de-stress, recharge, or refocus? If so, go to the Do Nothing For 2 Minutes site. Close your eyes or gaze at the photo of the sun peeking over the horizon. Relax and listen to the sound of ocean waves while the timer ticks down. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. The instructions state, “Just relax and listen to the waves. Don’t touch your mouse or keyboard.” If you dare ignore these instructions, a red “FAIL” appears on your screen. Give yourself a gift of 2 relaxing minutes.

#3 – One Sentence
After taking a 2 minute break and recharging your creative juices, how about trying your hand at writing a true story in only one sentence? That is the challenge of the site One Sentence. The site says, “One Sentence is an experiment in brevity.” The entertaining part of the site is to read what other people have submitted. If Ernest Hemingway could write a six word short story, you can write a story in one sentence!

#4 – One Recipe, Two Uses
The May issue of the Nutrition Action newsletter features a versatile recipe for a “Greek-inspired topping for grilled or roasted salmon or other fish — also doubles as a delightfully tangy salad dressing.” For more healthy recipes check out the “Healthy Recipes” section at Nutrition Action.

Yogurt-Dill Dressing:
Combine 6 oz. of fat-free Greek yogurt with 1 cup of fresh dill sprigs, 1 Tbs. of lemon juice, 1 Tbs. of Dijon mustard, 1 small shallot, and 1/4 tsp. of salt in a food processor. Process until smooth.

#5 – Happy to Be Grateful
In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.
Brother David Steindl-Rast

Wishing you a weekend of grateful happiness!

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Hand-carried from Paris, France, by my son and new daughter-in-law, these brightly-colored macarons deserve to be eaten while at their peak of perfection. The smooth meringue domes break ever so delicately to reveal a soft and chewy layer hidden beneath the surface. The fillings of cream or jam excite the palate with their complementary, yet surprising flavors. Ah, such is my dilemma . . . should I eat them all in one day? Should I risk their loss of perfection and savor them over the next couple of days? More importantly, should I share them with my husband? Bien sûr, mon cheri!

#1 – Deskercise

Illustration by Tanya Burr

After eating all those macarons, I’m going to need some exercise! With a deadline looming ahead, there’s no time for me to go to the gym right now, so I’m “deskercising” instead. Read Deskercise! 33 Ways to Exercise at Work and come to the realization that you can exercise anywhere and any place!

#2 – Makers
What do journalist Christiane Amanpour, non-profit healthcare advocate Jane Chen, groundbreaker Marian Wright Edelman, architect Maya Lin, and boxer Marlen Esparza have in common? They are among the hundreds of Makers. Makers.com is an initiative by PBS and AOL that “celebrates women who make America.” Watch interviews of these incredible women and their inspiring achievements.

#3 – Dish of the Month
While going through a stack of old Nutrition Action Health Letters, I came across a recipe that sounds quick, tasty and healthy:

60 Second Salad Dressing
Whisk 2 Tbs. regular mayonnaise with 1 tsp. balsamic vinegar, 1 Tbs. orange juice, and 1/8 tsp. salt. Toss with 8 cups of salad greens and top with 2 cups of chopped vegetables – try bell pepper, carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato, and avocado.

#4 – What To Wear?
With a high school reunion coming up quickly, a fluttering of emails arrived on my computer. “What are you wearing to the reunion?” was the most frequently asked question. Even though I already knew what I was going to wear, it was ironic that I stumbled across a site which provided a helpful video on reunion attire. So if you need help deciding What to Wear, Where, watch one of these videos!

#5 – Perspective

Work for a cause, not for applause.
Live life to express, not to impress.
Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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